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Going to the movies has never been as good as this.

Imagine escaping into an oasis of sight, sound, and comfort, any time of the day or night, without ever leaving your home… where your senses are completely absorbed in the most realistic visual imagery, surround sound, and the extreme comfort of the most luxurious theater seat…imagine viewing a movie in a place so well designed, so comfortable, and so private that you actually feel as if you are part of the story unfolding before you….

AV Design and Integration can transform any room of your new or existing home into a luxurious home theater. Our professional team will design and install a room your family and friends can enjoy for years to come.

From screens and projection to surround sound to comfort seating, lighting, and window treatments, AV Design and Integration will deliver and install every product you need to make your home theater complete.We will take care of every detail, from securing permits and working with your builder, to ensuring that your new home theater easily operates as an oasis of sight, sound and comfort.